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Bill Swartz has been flying since 1968 and has been instructing since 1974. He has flown all over the world in airplanes and helicopters, in all kinds of weather conditions. 

He spent 4 years in the Air Force as a helicopter mechanic and 17 years in the Army as a UH-1, CH-47 helicopter pilot and a C-12 (Super King Air) and U-21 (King Air) Standardization Instructor pilot. 

While stationed in Europe, Bill was an FAA Pilot Examiner for Private, Commerical and Instrument ratings, issuing more than 130 certificates. 

He has been Chief Flight Instructor at numerous flight schools, responsible for evaluating other instructors and has taught the mountain course in everything from jets, helicopters, and light single engine airplanes.

Bill worked for Continental Express and Continental Airlines as a simulator and airplane instructor.  He served as Line Check Airman for both Captains and First Officers and was also a Check Airman for All Checks.  After retiring from Continental, worked for Heli-Qwest in Montrose as a contract pilot flying Bell 205s and Eurocopter B-3s.  He even flew for Tristate Careflight at the Montrose Hospital.

Bill was instrumental in establishing Mountain Blade Runner Helicopters. As the company's Chief Pilot and Director of Operations Bill operated Engstrom 480B, Airbus AS350-B3E and helicopters.  


Bill was the Chief pilot for Greenwood Express, flying single pilot operations in a super king air 350i and was Captain on a Falcon 900 flying domestically across the US and internationally to Europe.

Total Hrs. 25,650
Single Engine: 2750
Multi-Engine: 17630
Helicopter: 5623
Instructor: 8380
Pilot in Command 21650



Type Rated in the following airplanes: ATR-42, ATR-72, B-737, BE300, Citation 500 series, Falcon D50, Citation 525 SIC

Type Rated in the following helicopters: BH204 (Huey) BV107 (Sea Knight) BV234 (Chinook).

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR (GOLD SEAL) Airplane SEL & MEL.  Rotorcraft-Helicopter.  Instrument Airplane and Helicopter


GROUND INSTRUCTOR: Instrument and Advanced

MECHANIC: Airframe & Powerplant


MOUNTAIN FLIGHT TRAINING: Airplanes and helicopters 


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